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We are students, we are leaders, we are musicians; together in academic study, performance, percussion, jazz, or marching programs, we all have a common goal. Our mission is to discover who we are and who we want to be. We strive for musical excellence. Our high expectations compel us to promote the art form of music. We continually establish and perpetuate traditions through which we develop strong relationships and mature. Musical performance helps us grow more confident and develop pride in ourselves and our program. Music helps us develop our emotions and express who we are; even after the music ends. Music is what we love and that’s why we play it.

Volunteers Needed 2016 – 2017

Volunteers are the back bone of Wheaton North Band’s extracurricular programs. The Band needs all parents to volunteer every school year to keep the extra curricular programs running.  Click on a category below to review the opportunities to serve. Register for a role online and you will receive a confirmation email. Thank you for contributing to the success of band programs at Wheaton North High School.


Volunteers Needed to Run Special Events

10 Events

56 People

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Volunteers Needed for Marching Season

11 Teams

44 People

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Volunteers Needed for All Band Programs

12 Teams

31 People

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Experienced Parents to Advise on Band Matters

4 Teams

40 Nominations

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Falcon Fest

Volunteers needed to run Falcon Fest

9 Teams

100+ Volunteers

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Week At a GLANCE

  • Jazz Ensemble Rehearsal - 2:30 PM

  • CANCELLED: Jazz Band Rehearsal - 6:00 PM

  • Jazz Tour Trip Payment - 12:00 AM

  • Jazz Ensemble Rehearsal - 6:00 PM

  • FBPO Meeting in Orchestra Room - 7:00 PM

  • Basketball Game: Wheaton Band - 6:00 PM

our vision

We are a family of Wheaton North students and leaders unified by music. Through music, we grow and discover ourselves. The power and emotions we experience as musicians compel us to strive for excellence and continue the Wheaton North Band legacy. We all have one thing in common – passion. Our passion for the music and desire for success are what shapes us into who we are; when words and actions fail, music speaks.

our mission

To establish structured, engaged, and safe environment that encourages student musicians to communicate their inner creativity through musical expression, reflecting the axiom: Musicians do only 2 things:

  1. They know the notes completely.
  2. They care about how the notes sound.

Band Programs


Marching band is an extra-curricular outgrowth of the band program. The marching band includes Drum Line, Percussion Pit, and Color Guard are for all students.

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Ensembles are comprised of Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, Concert Band and Percussion Studies. These are curricular classes that meet daily.

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Jazz bands are extra-curricular band programs comprised of Jazz Ensemble, Jazz Band and Jazz Combos. Auditions are held in November. All instruments can perform.

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Activities in music available all students include; pep band, winter color guard, winter drum line percussion studies, Solo-Ensemble Festival and IMEA.

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