Volunteers are the back bone of Wheaton North Band’s extracurricular programs. The Band needs all parents to volunteer every school year to keep the extra curricular programs running. We encourage freshman parents to jump in with both feet. There are many experienced band parents to show you the ropes and support you in any activity you choose. Volunteering with the band is a great way to get to know a whole new group of people that many have come to call our band family. Many new friendships last well beyond band volunteering but still share the same common bond of Wheaton North Band! Check out the many opportunities to get involved. eMail the band with any questions at WheatonNorthBand@gmail.com

Props Team At Work!
Competition Hospitality

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Props Team At Work!
Competition Volunteer From

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Volunteers Needed to Run Special Events

10 Events

56 People

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Volunteers Needed for Marching Season

11 Teams

44 People

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Volunteers Needed for All Band Programs

12 Teams

31 People

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Experienced Parents to Advise on Band Matters

3 Teams

11 Nominations

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Falcon Fest

Volunteers needed for Falcon Fest

9 Teams

100+ Volunteers

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