Fund Raiser - Marching Band Car Wash

Date: July 31, 2019

The marching band car wash fundraiser is held the Saturday of marching band camp.  It is considered the last requirement of marching band camp and is not optional for marching participants.  The coordinator ensures the Wheaton Bowl north west parking lot is available for washing cars.  Works with the City of Wheaton to secure a connection to the fire hydrant on the corner.  Ensure the drum majors are working on advertising and signs to attract motorists the day fo the event. Work with the FBPO publicity coordinator to promote the event.  Work with the Band Director to schedule sections to work throughout the day.  Encourage the drum line and color guard to perform, promote the carwash during the event.  The coordinator recruits 2-3 parents to supervise washing, 5-10 parents to ensure towels hang to dry, water coolers are prepared and made available during the day.  All towels will need to be washed and returned to the band storage.  The FBPO treasurer will also attend to collect donations at the front of the line.

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