Wind Ensemble Uniform Fitting

Date: July 31, 2019

The Wind Ensemble uniforms are worn for concert performances.  The Wind Ensemble Uniform team will with the Band Director and be responsible for owning all aspects of the Wind Ensemble uniforms:

  • Recruiting parent volunteers for uniform activity.

  • Uniform fitting and repair.

  • Start of Season requirements include:

    • Outfit new Wind Ensemble members 2 weeks before first performance.

    • Coordinate with Director any new shirts, dresses, tuxedos required.

    • Fill out student’s personal data form with assigned uniform numbers.

    • Label, record and file uniforms by section.

    • Provide storage and proper care instructions to students and parents.

  • End of season requirements including:

    • After final concert clean out pockets, pull uniforms of graduating band members or non–returning members.

    • Communicate with Band Director instructions to students about turning in uniforms with the appropriate cleaning fee.

    • Sort uniforms by size and number. Update list of current available uniforms.

    • Arrange for cleaning.

    • Hang up and sort by size.

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