Marching Competition Truck Driver

Date: July 31, 2019

The competition truck driver is responsible for the equipment truck and trailer for all performances, competitions and parades for the Falcon Marching Band.  The driver works with the Band Director to coordinate the timing and logistics for the event.  The driver will be required to register with CUSD200 as a part-time employee and comply with all rules and regulations required.  The responsibilities include:

  • Reserve the truck in advance for the events with a local rental company.

  • Pickup and return the truck complying with the rental company policies.

  • Drive the truck for the entire schedule of the event.

  • Organize the loading and unloading of the truck with the adult field & pit crew volunteers.

  • Maintain equipment and make minor repairs when necessary.

  • Keep the truck locked protecting the equipment and/or remain with vehicle/equipment when students are not performing.

All expenses incurred will be reimbursed by the FBPO after completing an expense report located on the band website with related receipts.

The Marching season runs from July 1st to October 31st.

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