rlhiv2016 Falcon Fest

Sandwich High School Renegade Regiment

Sandwich, IL

Program: The Guiding Light
Movement 1 – Follow the Light
Movement 2 – Amidst the Darkness
Movement 3 – Transformed
Composed by Michael Pote, Percussion by Michael McIntosh, Drill Design – Kevin Nevsimal

Directors: Justin Heinekamp and Erin Killey
Guard: Sarah Danielson, Allison Danielson, Lauren Emerson
Percussion: Paula Tuttle, Sam Olson, Geoff Pierce
Drum Majors: Brandon Csiszer, Bekkah Gebe

The Renegade Regiment is a competitive volunteer marching band from Sandwich High School. They have performed in Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, and Canada. They have performed at the Calgary Stampede, Walt Disney World, Nashville, Tennessee and recently New York City. The Regiment has a long tradition of excellence and performs in competitive and non- competitive events throughout the summer and fall seasons.