Summer Marching Band Practice & Band Camp


This summer there are summer sessions for the entire marching band.  The practice dates can be found on the band calendar by clicking HERE.  In general the band is meeting every Monday evening at 6:00.  Changes will be posted on the band calendar.

Summer Rehearsals: Summer rehearsals are a new addition to the Falcon Marching Band. It provides an opportunity for beginners to acquire and sharpen the skills they need for a successful band camp in both marching and music. It also allows students to get to know each other and build the FMB family before camp even starts!

Things you will need to bring for a successful summer rehearsal:

  • Athletic Clothing (gym shorts especially), gym shoes and socks (no sandals)
  • Your instrument (if you are in need of an instrument, I have them).
  • Your own (insulated) water bottle.
  • Anything given to you in a previous summer rehearsal (music, etc.)


We know and understand that people go on vacation, visiting family and are out of town during certain parts of the summer. That is okay! All we ask is that you attend these rehearsals when you are in town. If you know you are going to miss a rehearsal, please fill out the Absence Request form by CLICKING HERE.

Band Camp: Band Camp, however, is a different story! We need everyone to attend band camp (August 1-5) as it is the main time frame in which we learn our competitive show. If you have a conflict with band camp, please contact me ASAP.

Band Camp 2016

Band camp is Monday August 1st through Friday August 5th.  Please block your entire week and expect to be at school all day each day.


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